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Dynasty Dummies Fantasy Football Podcast

Apr 20, 2024

JMic and Zac are back to wrap up the 2024 Dynasty Dummies Rookie Hootenanny. It's the final episode before the NFL Draft is upon us, and the Dummies close out with some RBs: Dylan Laube, Isaiah Davis, Frank Gore Jr, Carson Steele, Will Shipley, and Rasheen Ali. Appreciate you listening. If you would like a copy of Zac's...

Apr 13, 2024

World weary, exhausted from wide receivers, but still trudging inexorably onward toward the 2024 Draft, Zac stops by to talk Prospect Theory, and film on Hayden Hatten, Jha'Quan Jackson, Ryan Flournoy, and Tahj Washington. Enjoy

Apr 5, 2024

Like goblins pouring from the Mines of Moria, the 2024 wide receiver class steams relentlessly on; wave after wave breaking against the shields of our intrepid heroes JMic and Zac. This week, the duo tackles the tape of Malik Washington, Jamari Thrash, Johnny Wilson, Javon Baker, Isaiah Williams, and Jermaine...