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Dynasty Dummies Fantasy Football Podcast

Jul 27, 2017

Playing Hyde and Zeke - News, Noise and Non-stories:
With training camps just firing up, the beat writers have no shortage of fodder for their columns. How much of this "news" is news? The Dummies have you covered. Kyle tells you why you should smile if you've got Funchess, and Zac posits that Carlos Hyde being cut...

Jul 19, 2017

Tombstones and Million Dollar Dreams:

While Kyle is away on honeymoon, the show continues against all odds (in plodding, Gore-like fashion.) Backed by the Undertaker, Zac challenges fantasy's favorite heel, Matt Kelley, to a "terrible-team-off" for charity and also manages to cover some of dynasty's undead assets. All...

Jul 11, 2017

Rules? There Are No Rules Here:
It's Scott Fish Bowl Week! In honor of some of our favorite fantasy mad scientists, the Dummies take a look at league settings from mundane to superhuman. Kyle broadens the gap from ARod to Bortles, and Zac marvels at quirky leagues that have leapt from the minds of Scott Fish, John Bosch...

Jul 7, 2017

I'll Take The 5th (Round) :
There are always pitfalls and gold-deposits awaiting you within a startup draft; let the Dummies be your guide, as they take a look at DLF's June ADP to help you mine the value. Zac rants against the insanely high pedestal we put untested rookies like Corey Davis, while Kyle tells you why...