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Dummies Funhouse Podcast Network Fantasy Football

Sep 15, 2020

It feels so good to be baaaaaaack! 

#DummyBlitz is talking through all the comings and goings of Week 1. You know the drill... #FifteenAndOut, let's get it!

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Sep 13, 2020

Yes Indeed, Yes Indeed... back at it with a bunch of questions on my mind. The Dynasty Landscape is ever-changing and there's quite a few things we need to have on our radar this season. The #DummyBlitz is back to dig in to the 2020 Fantasy Football Season and beyond. You know the drill; #FifteenAndOut, let's get it!

Sep 9, 2020

Zac is back, talking the ins and outs of pattern recognition in dynasty, the idea that positions within positions may be more important than you realize, and a few players who might disappear after your first waiver run. All this and more is the Dynasty Dummies Podcast.