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Dynasty Dummies Fantasy Football Podcast

Apr 25, 2020

Day Two of the NFL Draft brought us all the draft capital we could've hoped for... so what now? Well, let's talk about who went where and ask some questions to help us move forward. #FifteenAndOut is back again with the #DummyBlitz baby!

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Apr 24, 2020

Channeling our inner J. Cole/Gabe Geering with this one: I just wanna draft maaaaaan!

Welcome back to the Dummy Blitz! Yes, I've missed you, too. There's plenty of time for us to catch up on Zoom or FaceTime or something else NOT in person. #StayHome... and let's talk about the NFL Draft a bit. #FifteenAndOut is BACK,...

Apr 9, 2020

Kevin and Russ give their unbiased takes on a start up trade and a TE premium trade...and then fight over will fuller for a very long time. 

Apr 4, 2020

It’s quarantine day 22. I just ate a grape popsicle that has been in the back of my freezer longer than my children have been alive, and I haven’t worn pants in two weeks. It’s time to have the conversation that we’ve all been avoiding: what is the best way to attack your 2020 rookie draft. My conclusions may...