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Feb 25, 2017

RB One - A Stat Wars Story:

In a
studio far away,
a rogue rookie RB ranker
sets out to set the record straight
on the mid level 2017 prospects. In the dark shadows of the impending combine, a film grinder dives into the remaining depth, hoping against all hope to unearth a secret, the key to bringing down a Dynasty Empire. Can Zac Solo deliver the sensitive data to Admiral Perine before total destruction befalls the entirety of the community? Will Kareem Hunt and Corey Clement be left on some desolate roster to rot? Are D'Onta Foreman and James Conner huge, unstoppable soldiers in an ongoing war for field position? All this, plus more: A Dynasty Dummies Podcast

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Kyle LaBreck @klabreck

Zac Reed @tacitassassin13

Just a couple of Dummies talking Dynasty Fantasy Football

Contact the show:

Twitter: @dynastydummies


Musical Score by John Williams

Special thanks to AB