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Feb 18, 2017

Isaiah, Malachi, and Other Ways to Profit - 2017 WRs Continued:
If you spent the better part of last Tuesday poring over the game tape of mid tier receiving prospects like the Dummies did, it's important to remember that, "Love looks not with with the eyes, but with the mind." (It's also probably in your best interest to invest in a decent bottle of Malbec and a bouquet of flowers to avoid sleeping on the couch until next Valentines Day.) This week, Kyle brings you the finer points on everything Malachi, and Zac looks longingly at Zay Jones's intangibles. All this and more is the Dynasty Dummies Podcast.


Kyle LaBreck @klabreck

Zac Reed @tacitassassin13

Just a couple of Dummies talking Dynasty Fantasy Football

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